Koi Pond HD

From the creator of Koi Pond, iPhone’s Top Paid App of 2008:

Clear your mind…again.
Imagine gazing into a pond of crystal clear water.
Picture bright, playful koi swimming through its shallow depths.
So close…Can you touch them?

You run your fingers across the cool surface of the pond.
Water ripples away from your touch.
The koi, disturbed, dart away.
Only to quickly forget and swim close to you once more…

Now imagine all of this on your iPad!

Koi Pond HD by The Blimp Pilots

Koi Pond HD has been built from the ground up with rich new features only possible on the iPad!


– Amazing new high-resolution graphics. Your pond has never looked so real! 

– Powerful and easy-to-use pond editor. Light, decorate, and personalize your koi pond until it’s perfect for you. Create multiple themes and quickly switch between them.

– Beautiful, dynamic, touch-reactive water.

– 6 layer ambient sound track (mix and match sounds for just the right ambiance).

– Virtual koi: 8 unique breeds, up to 16 fish in your pond at once.

– Feed your koi by shaking your iPad.

– Hold your finger on the surface of the pond and watch the hungry koi nibble your finger.


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