Koi Pond for iPad?

We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately regarding if, and when, Koi Pond is coming out for iPad.

We want to let everyone know that, YES, a new version of Koi Pond specifically made for iPad is coming very soon! We’re planning on submitting it to Apple for approval by the end of this week, and it will hopefully be available on the iPad App Store shortly after that.

We’re REALLY excited about the new version of Koi Pond. The iPad and Koi Pond seem tailor made for each other, but the old iPhone version of Koi Pond just doesn’t quite hold up on the big iPad screen. That’s why we built the iPad version of Koi Pond from the ground up to specifically take advantage of the iPad’s added power and beautiful screen.

So far, we think the results are really fantastic – even better than we hoped when we first started the project and weren’t even sure what the iPad would be capable of! In fact, once we realized just how stunning Koi Pond for iPad would look – and the amazing diversity of ponds that could be represented – we also realized how important it would be for each user’s pond to feature its own personal touches. That’s why Koi Pond for iPad features a powerful and easy to use pond editor – we’re really excited to see what everyone’s ponds look like once Koi Pond for iPad is released!

Check back soon for screen shots and more information about Koi Pond for iPad!

The Blimp Pilots

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