iOS 5.0 Issues (Updated)

The fix for Koi Pond HD for iOS 5.0 is now available.

There is also an update for Distant Shore available now. However, that update only partially fixed its iOS 5.0 problems. We’ve submitted another update to fully address the issue and expect it to be available shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Koi Pond HD for iPad Available Now

Koi Pond HD for iPad is now available on the iTunes App Store!

Koi Pond HD is the sequel to Koi Pond, iPhone’s Top Paid App of 2008. Crafted specifically to take advantage of the unique features of the iPad, Koi Pond HD allows you to customize your pond like never before. This is Koi Pond the way we always wanted it to be.

We’re already hard at work on our first update, which will add a bunch of great new features: new critters, more decorations, and more!

We can’t wait to hear what you think of it and, especially, to see what kind of great ponds you’re able to build!

For more information, check out our Koi Pond HD page, which features screen shots, video, a helpful tutorial on building your pond, and our FAQ.

Koi Pond for iPad?

We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately regarding if, and when, Koi Pond is coming out for iPad.

We want to let everyone know that, YES, a new version of Koi Pond specifically made for iPad is coming very soon! We’re planning on submitting it to Apple for approval by the end of this week, and it will hopefully be available on the iPad App Store shortly after that.

We’re REALLY excited about the new version of Koi Pond. The iPad and Koi Pond seem tailor made for each other, but the old iPhone version of Koi Pond just doesn’t quite hold up on the big iPad screen. That’s why we built the iPad version of Koi Pond from the ground up to specifically take advantage of the iPad’s added power and beautiful screen.

So far, we think the results are really fantastic – even better than we hoped when we first started the project and weren’t even sure what the iPad would be capable of! In fact, once we realized just how stunning Koi Pond for iPad would look – and the amazing diversity of ponds that could be represented – we also realized how important it would be for each user’s pond to feature its own personal touches. That’s why Koi Pond for iPad features a powerful and easy to use pond editor – we’re really excited to see what everyone’s ponds look like once Koi Pond for iPad is released!

Check back soon for screen shots and more information about Koi Pond for iPad!

The Blimp Pilots

Elephant Odyssey for iPhone Released; Profits to be Donated to Elephant Conservation

Elephant Odyssey for iPhone and iPod Touch, developed by The Blimp Pilots for the world famous San Diego Zoo, is available now at the iPhone App Store!

With the Elephant Odyssey application, you can keep tabs on roaming elephants in three settings – jungle, desert, and grasslands. Touch the trees or ground to leave food for your elephants, touch the elephants themselves to hear them trumpet, and run your finger through the watering hole to make waves. Enjoy watching the elephants eat, drink, sleep, and explore their environment!

All San Diego Zoo profits from sales of the app go toward Project Elephant Footprint, an elephant conservation project. You can find out more about this great project here.

Check it out on the App Store now!

Koi Pond 2.5 Available Now

The latest free update to Koi Pond, the iPhone’s Top Paid App of 2008, is now available for download!

Koi Pond 2.5 adds the following features:

- New Koi! (Tancho Sanke and Gin Matsuba!)
- Sleep Timer! Simply select the timer duration, then listen to the relaxing sounds of your koi pond as you drift off to sleep!
- A new selectable tile background theme for your koi pond!

The Blimp Pilots join App Treasures!

The Blimp Pilots are a proud member of the App Treasures label!

App Treasures is a group of independent game developers dedicated to bringing you the highest quality iPhone games. All App Treasures games must meet the high standards that the group sets for itself. These standards ensure that when you buy an App Treasures game, you’re buying a high-quality game.

For more great indie games visit

Distant Shore Available Now!

We’ve just released Distant Shore, our latest application for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Distant Shore puts you on the beautiful shore of an endless 3-D beach and allows you to communicate with the world using the classic “message in a bottle” approach.

Send messages in bottles out to sea and find messages washed up on your own shore, all while enjoying the high quality 3-D graphics and relaxing ambient sounds of the beach!

Distant Shore is available now for $0.99 at the iPhone App Store, so check it out!

Distant Shore has been submitted to Apple

Our latest application, Distant Shore, has been submitted to Apple and is awaiting approval from them before release. We are hoping it’s up within the next week. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

Koi Pond featured in ER!

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It’s around the 17:50 mark!

Koi Pond is the top paid iPhone app!

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